I am surprised, with all the banter on gun control and dilemma of balancing gun rights and children (or adult) safety in this world of firearms saturation, and mental instabilities that no one has mentioned nonlethal weapons.

To propose arming teachers or anyone else in schools or public places with lethal firearms just seems like an invitation for such weapons getting into the wrong hands, or assumes that such persons legally brandishing these weapons will never suffer a mental breakdown.

Having people in responsible positions having a nonlethal weapon (rubber bullets, pepper bullets, Tasers etc.) would seem to offer the same deterrence effect and potential for taking down the assailant with one added “extra” — it could not be used to kill innocents. Plus, it appears that most idiots that decide to perpetrate these killings want to be gunned down or otherwise end up killing themselves.

If they knew they could be incapacitated and incarcerated, who knows? Let’s fight fire with fire extinguishers.

Jeff Flynn


Greenwell Springs