I recently attended a confirmation at a Metairie Catholic Church, and was shocked to see what some young women consider "church-going attire." The plunging necklines and the finger-tip hemlines were appalling!

I was going to write this to the Clarion Herald, our Catholic weekly newspaper, but then I thought that this occurrence is probably not limited to the Catholic Church.

I'm not addressing this to the young women, as much as I'm addressing it to parents who allow their daughters to dress this way for church.

How many times did my Mom say to me, and me to my young daughters, "I hope you don't think that you're leaving the house like that! Go back to your room and put some clothes on."

Sometimes rompers and scant clothing have their place, but church is not one of them.

Ask yourself ladies, would I go to meet the Queen of England dressed like this?

How much more so should you be dressed to meet "The King of Kings."

Mary Glynn