Donald Trump

President Donald Trump speaks at the Department of Energy in Washington, Thursday, June 29, 2017. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh) 

Our nation is currently in the midst of an extraordinary political experiment. We have elected a president completely lacking in any political experience as if it was a good idea. On the campaign trail, he proved himself to be a crude, petty man bragging about his star status and the pass to commit sexual assault that comes with it. Because a female correspondent had the audacity to ask him what he perceived as “hard questions,” he used a thinly veiled reference to her menstrual cycle in a pathetic attempt to somehow discredit her. Upset with a handicapped reporter, he physically mimicked the physical tremors the reporter suffers from in an attempt at humor.

As president, he has revealed the position of nuclear submarines and passed on highly sensitive security information in the Oval Office to Russian officials for no apparent reason other than to brag to them about how much he knows. He incessantly discredits the free press, claiming it is the “enemy of the people” and proclaiming everything reported critical of him to be “fake news.” His chief personal counselor, Kellyanne Conway, admitted in a filmed January MSNBC interview that they offer “alternative facts” in rebuttal to real ones. President Donald Trump claims to never settle suits but recently wrote a check for $25 million to avoid trial over the never-accredited “Trump University” scam.

The president still refuses to acknowledge the reality of the Russian hacking and disinformation campaign during the presidential election though all 17 security agencies have done so. His administration has overseen the State Department budget being slashed, and hundreds of positions remain unfilled there with the major benefactor of this inaction being Russia, interestingly enough.

Though he campaigned on his prowess at the “art of the deal” and his business expertise, now that Trump is president along with a Republican-controlled Congress and without the need of a single Democratic vote to pass his agenda, it seems that health care reform suddenly is difficult. Who could have known and why would anyone complain about eviscerating Medicaid so that the richest people in America could get hundreds of billions in tax cuts? How’s that “big, beautiful physical wall” coming, and how much has Mexico contributed so far? How’s the promised deportation of those millions going? Where are all those infrastructure projects? Trump was sworn in over five months ago, and not a single major piece of legislation has been passed.

Instead of leadership and any demonstrable progress, we have a president who continues to act like a petulant child every time he doesn’t get his way. He’s hardly making America great again and continues to prove himself clueless at how to go about doing so.

Jim Wright

retired pipefitter/welder

Baton Rouge