I fully agree with Connecticut U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy when he made the statement it is time for Congress to do something about gun control, after the shooting in Las Vegas. If any one group of people can do anything to limit the type of weapons and ammunition used in these mass shootings, Congress would be the responsible party. There is no justifiable reason why these military-style guns should be allowed in the hands of the common public, no reason. After the Lafayette theater shootings, when then-Gov. Bobby Jindal was asked about gun control, he said "now is not the time to talk about it." Well, he is long gone, so when is the time to talk about it?

Our own congressman, Steve Scalise, recently told of his experience of being shot and his thoughts of his family and how he prayed as he waited for help. Imagine how terrifying that must have been, then multiply that by the hundreds who went through that in Las Vegas on Sunday night. Of course, many of them probably never even had a second to think of family or utter a simple prayer. Why do we let this terror continue? We as a country are supposed to be better than that. Congress, do something, please, I beg of you.

Colin MacFetters