One of the most serious problems in Louisiana and America is the crumbling of public education.

One reason could be the proliferation of computers in schools. Computers are valuable in conducting many human activities, but not as widespread use in elementary/middle schools. These grades should be involved in reading, writing, history, English etc. Many educators believe computers are the final answer and salvation to education. Education should be between teachers and students — humanize not computerize.

Some educators have another idea for education — “critical thinking” — as if it is a grand panacea. It’s common sense that students need knowledge in major subjects before they can do “critical thinking.” It can’t happen if they don’t have a foundation of skills and knowledge.

We are constantly reminded that students graduate but can’t read. Maybe an overexposure to electronics? Here is an example of the overuse of computers. Recently some pilots had problems flying because of technical problems. It turned out they were so accustomed to technology they had forgotten how to fly manually. Therein lies the problem in education, the saturation of electronics.

Visit schools and school board members.

Larry Guidry

retired teacher