This is in response to Therese Horcasitas’s letter of Oct. 19, “Protect the Defense of Marriage Act.”

Sometimes we just have to speak up to disagree with someone’s comments.

She is free to believe and live her Christian values (which, I might add, are not universal within the Christian community).

In my opinion, this does not give her the right to impose them on me or anyone who disagrees with her. No one is asking her to personally sanction gay marriage. What is being asked is that all individuals be given the same rights under our laws.

This is a secular issue, not a religious one. Her church is free to deny marriage to gay couples; she is free to disapprove. Our legal system shouldn’t deny rights to people based on the religious views of some of the population.

If she really wants to protect marriage, how about outlawing divorce?

Alyce Lappin, LCSW, ACSW, BACS

social worker

Baton Rouge