Gov. John Bel Edwards and Kim Kardashian

Gov. John Bel Edwards and daughter, Sarah Ellen, pose with with reality television star Kim Kardashian (center) in Los Angeles on Nov. 14, 2018. Edwards took part in a criminal justice reform summit hosted by entertainment news outlets Variety and Rolling Stone. Photo via @LouisianaGov Twitter feed.

I read Dan Fagan's recent column about the criminal justice reforms, and although I have liked many of his pieces, it should bother your readers when there is a misstatement of facts.

Nothing in the recommendations or subsequent legislation from the Justice Reinvestment Taskforce in 2017, which were responsible for most of the approved reforms, condoned what Fagan attributes to the release of the two officers responsible for the death of that 6-year-old child. The total purpose of the reform efforts was to improve public safety. We still have a long way to go.

The cause for the release of those responsible for this child’s death was a plea deal proposed by the responsible district attorney and had nothing to do with the reform efforts,  past or present. When we point blame, let’s get the facts straight. I'm a conservative.

C. Geron Hargon

Dan Fagan: Thanks to so-called Louisiana justice reform, bad criminals get out early


Baton Rouge