We live in such a politically polarized time that we would be hard-pressed to find a consensus on where to meet to throw rocks at each other, and consequently, our collective fates pretty much rest in the hands of 50 governors and one president. The buck stops with them.

As much as we disagree, I think no one would argue the point that it's an extremely dangerous world in which we live, and nothing exemplifies that quite so well here in Louisiana as staring down the barrel of a devastating hurricane.

The man at the head of our government is a two-term governor, a Blue Dog Democrat in a very red state that's struggling with a centuries-long reputation for political chicanery all while a global pandemic rages, inflaming and further dividing not only us but the entire country. Love him or hate him, it's in his hands that our collective safety rests.

He's a West Point graduate, highly experienced in public as well as military service, and whether it's a 100-year flood, a devastating hurricane, or anything of the sort, I'm more comfortable with him at the helm than anyone else that I can think of. The man knows how to get things done. And trust me, I'm no Democrat.


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