I am writing to The Advocate to implore the citizens of the city of Baton Rouge and the entire state of Louisiana to demand that the leadership of the city and the entire state do something about the lawlessness and criminal element that permeates every inch of this city.

I fear for my children and my loved ones every day. Since the beginning of the year — that’s 25 days if you are counting, I know of two people who could have been killed by stray bullets. I’m not talking about people in the 70805 ZIP code area who were out at 3 a.m. and bumped into trouble. One person was picking up her child at a gymnastics studio on Bluebonnet and another lives in the Southdowns area.

I love Baton Rouge and Louisiana. I have lived here my entire life. How can this city and state ever be great — attract the best business and the best people to work for those business — if the people who work hard and pay the taxes are worried about getting shot or some other vile thing happening to them?

While leadership is bragging about how this program and that program will curb crime — if they are able to get funding in the next six to 12 months — bullets are whizzing by. Do you feel safe? I sure don’t.

Paul Pollard


Baton Rouge