The West Jefferson Medical Center testing for the coronavirus in Marrero, March 27, 2020.

Will Sutton’s June 30 article concluded that Black Lives Do Not Matter to Black people who congregate in large groups when Black people currently make up 52% of COVID-19 deaths in Louisiana.

While I understand and agree, at this point I daresay, No Lives Matter. In putting politics over people, our leaders who follow dollars have doomed us to what I fear will become a never-ending story.

States across the country, including Louisiana, are pausing opening plans or rolling back plans already in place as we see cases trending upward in 42 states, according to Johns Hopkins University data. It’s already been suggested that grandparents were willing to die to reopen the economy.

A club in Atlanta built an indoor pool (I am both equally impressed and appalled by the ingenuity) and had a pool party over Fourth of July weekend with video of the event showing nary a mask in sight. Schools are releasing plans for children to return and many parents I know are not pleased with the recommendations. College students in Alabama are hosting COVID parties to see who can catch the virus first, with the lucky winner receiving a cash prize. Only the end result of this game show could be death.

I also plead with my brothers and sisters to be careful as, with many things in this life, Black people are bearing the brunt of this virus. But how much can we truly change course when others around us are also unbothered by this pandemic? White people make up 46% of the deaths in Louisiana and in this case, I’m not looking for things to be even-Stevens.

I want us all to do better because this rush to reopen is coming back to kick us in the rear. Just as with the Black Lives Matter movement, none of us are free until all of us are free. From injustice and COVID.


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