The future of education in Louisiana is on a collision course with disaster. I have had the opportunity to work in the classroom and recognize the extreme deficiencies faced by a lot of students.

Who is to blame? If you ask me we all play a role, from the parent to the teacher. This then becomes a vicious cycle that devolves into absolute chaos. As I looked into the eyes of my students who struggled, I saw opportunity, I saw courage and I saw an opportunity to provide them with my best. Having said that, I am disheartened at the posture of our state with regard to education. More importantly, I am disheartened with the quality of the debate on the question.

We are inundated with the politics that are a result of a state overburdened by political aspirations rather than providing the best for our future. The papers are filled with a variety of issues facing our education system to the battle for who will be the next state superintendent of education. These issues all stem from a governor swollen with power and his inability to look past his own selfish ambitions.

I look at him and am in constant awe at his political posturing. I am disgusted at the fact it seems he or someone from his office wants a gentleman with a bachelor’s degree as superintendent of the Recovery School District. More importantly, they are trying to make this man superintendent of state education.

This on its face is a slap in the face of our career educators in this state. We also see that he constantly attempts to merge boards and destroy boards, all in an attempt to continue his overzealous desire for power.

I am disappointed and disheartened that our Legislature does not rein him in. It is time that he recognizes that he was elected governor and not God. I challenge our Legislature to get control of this gentleman and stop his assault on quality education for all students in our state.

Gov. Bobby Jindal should stop playing politics with education in our state. Let’s end Jindalcation.

Jamal Taylor