House Bill 372

Baton Rouge lawyer Robert Kleinpeter testifies Monday, April 15, 2019, against House Bill 372, which limits lawsuits resulting from car wrecks as a way to lower auto insurance premiums.

The recent front-page article “At a Premium” about how auto insurance in Louisiana was 50% more expensive than the national average (and the second-highest in the United States) was virtually silent regarding lawsuits. The local television stations are practically entirely advertisements for various lawyers. Lawyers purchase the advertisements. The lawyers pay for those advertisements by suing auto insurance companies. The insurance companies pass the cost of the lawsuits along to the policyholders in our high auto insurance premium costs. The Louisiana Legislature needs to act to stop this vicious cycle of lawsuits. Our premium cost should be closer to the national average. And speaking personally, I am sick of this barrage of lawyer commercials.

Robert Warren

Mark Ballard: Explaining the story of insurance companies, trial lawyers and high auto insurance rates


New Orleans