According to IRS regulations, there are only two things that churches, when classified as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, may not do politically: A church may not use the organization to endorse one candidate over another, and a church may not give its money to one candidate over another. Churches however, can speak and educate their congregations about important issues.

Lakeshore Church in Covington has not been shy about our support of Amendment 1 on this year's ballot. While there is much to be discussed about abortion politically and morally, we promote and stand by an unborn child's right to live. We will support any opportunity, law or amendment that promotes the limit of, or even the end to, abortion. At the same time, we will do everything we can to support mothers who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. Amendment 1 is obviously in support of protecting unborn children's lives. While not changing current laws, if passed it would ensure state judges could never force legal abortion-on-demand through our state constitution, just like has happened in other states.

While many disagree and may even comment negatively about this letter, they have the right to do so but will not change our biblical and moral objection to abortion. Neither will it change our love toward or willingness to serve those with whom we disagree. That is what is so amazing about this incredible country to which we offer our citizenship. We can, and at times, must agree to disagree politically and allow our voices to be heard in the voting booth, via political signage, on our attire and in social media posts.

It is this ability to respectfully disagree, which brings me to the reason for this letter. Lakeshore Church has placed signs in support of voting yes on Amendment 1 on our property. Upon entering our property to conduct worship services on the morning of Oct. 11, we found our signs in vandalized with vitriol that is unfortunately prevalent in all aspects of this year's elections and politics. One sign even had the words "Kill Babies" written across it. lt was very offensive, but sadly not surprising.

We at Lakeshore Church harbor no ill will toward those who did this. My hope, as pastor of Lakeshore, is that this act of vandalism would accomplish the opposite of the vandals' desired effects. My hope is other pastors and churches would legally use their voices and organizations to support the lives of the innocent. That they too will make a stand, for that which is morally and biblically right and encourage others to vote yes on Amendment 1 when they cast their votes.


lead pastor