I am saddened that Louisiana legislators are drafting laws to restrict competition by transgender athletes. This is one more attempt to discriminate against others.

It is no longer politically correct to openly discriminate against African Americans, women, the disabled, the obese, migrants from Eastern or Western Europe, Muslims, Africans, Asians or some other groups. Now the Legislature is attempting to discriminate against people who believe that they were arbitrarily assigned to the wrong gender.

As long as people are not preying on the weak or children, I don't think society has a right to litigate their lifestyle or life choices. This is blatant discrimination meant to appeal to the voters' basest instincts.

Louisiana lawmakers should address real issues impacting the life and liberty of Louisiana residents, and I hope they find the will to address them. I also pray that voters remove from office those legislators who fail to do their jobs.


retired government worker

New Orleans