Recently, before MSNBC’s Chris Matthews’ question to Donald Trump concerning whether a “mother should be punished for seeking an abortion” — the question was “prefaced” by a statement of, “if abortion was illegal, or against the law” (this part was not shown). So just like any law ... those who break it should be punished. This was a hypothetical question, so, of course, there was no “established” law — so when a question followed, Trump gave a hypothetical answer! Here is a similarity on the rationale:

Hypothetical example: If someone shoots a pregnant woman and both she and her baby are killed, the murderer is charged with two counts of murder (the mother and the baby). The “humanity” of the unborn is therefore recognized. In comparison, if a woman seeks someone to kill her husband, and he does, both the woman who hired the gunman, as well as the gunman, are both charged (but accordingly)! And as Trump said — different levels of punishment. (Matthews, of MSNBC, is known as a leftist bully — perhaps a result of the ratings of his network against the other major cable news networks.)

As a former Democrat who “converted” to a Republican, I can truly say my conversion was a result of study on the values, beliefs and morality of both parties and comparing this to my thoughts on these topics. I found out that after all these years, I was really more a conservative (Republican) than a liberal (Democrat) all the time. I leaned more to the “right” than the “left.”

Jean S. Rice

philanthropy consultant

New Orleans