Letter: Contain Ebola through isolation _lowres

A sign on the door of the apartment where Thomas Eric Duncan stayed with family warns that the unit has been quarantined by the commissioner of health, Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2014, in Dallas. Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, where Duncan was being treated for Ebola, said that Duncan has died. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Regarding the family that hosted the Ebola patient and was confined to their home:

I am very glad that the city of Dallas is taking action in keeping their community safer from Ebola by confining those who have been in contact with a diagnosed Ebola patient to their homes.

Although those who are confined may feel it to be unfair, it is the best thing for the community as a whole. I personally believe that the airline personnel in West Africa should be doing a better job in preventing the spread of Ebola throughout the world by being more efficient in keeping Ebola patients in West Africa.

In my opinion, flights to and from West Africa should be temporarily discontinued in order to prevent more Ebola outbreaks throughout the world.

Also, it was very irresponsible for the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital to release a man who told the nurses that he just came from West Africa and was also showing signs of Ebola. His discharge was due to a lack of communication throughout the hospital that could have turned into an outbreak in Dallas if the man had not returned to the hospital two days after his discharge.

Chandler Nguyen