Can we all agree the United States drills for, pumps out of the ground and transports oil more efficiently and cleanly than any country on Earth?

Isn't it also true that the United States does the least ecological damage in the drilling and transporting of oil on Earth?

Can we also agree that the United States was the leading oil producer and leading exporter of oil on Earth before the Biden administration came to power?

Isn't it also true that if the United States doesn't drill for and transport oil, other, less ecologically concerned areas will?

If we agree on the above facts doesn't it make ecological sense to the entire planet for the United States to continue drilling for and transporting oil because the United States does less damage to the ecology of the planet? After all, ecological damage to any area of the planet extends to and damages the ecology of the entire planet.

Therefore, the cleanest producer of oil should continue to drill and transport as much oil in order to lessen ecological damage to the Earth and to damages caused by fossil fuels such as global climate change.



Denham Springs