St. Pauls at March for life

St. Paul's delegates to the March for Life in front of the White House with Archbishop Gregory Aymond and Father Matthew Johnson.

Recently, there have been two articles regarding abortion.

Both of these pro-choice letters state first that abortion regulations don't safeguard women and second about the restrictions limiting access. They fail to realize that requiring a physician to obtain privileges at a nearby hospital is for the sake of the woman. As safe as the letter writer says abortion is, complications arise and this protects the woman.

Did it ever concern you why a doctor who works at an abortion clinic would not want to obtain privileges? I pay tax dollars and my tax dollars pay for Medicaid and federal employees’ salaries and being pro-life I definitely do not want my money paying for abortions.

The argument about the poor, low-income folks, etc. not being able to afford abortions is getting old. Women do not need to pay for abortions at all if they make the responsible choice to protect themselves before pregnancy. Medicaid does pay for contraceptives.

Abortion kills a human life. I wonder how many women would elect to have an abortion if an abortion meant sacrificing their own life along with the baby? I'm sure they would not want to sacrifice their life for their irresponsible choices but they can try to justify sacrificing an innocent baby's life.


office manager


Letter: Abortion regulations don't safeguard women, but limit access