Did you know you can protect local jobs that can’t be shipped out of state or overseas all from the comfort of your own home? It’s easy: Vote “No” on Amendment 5.

Amendment 5 is another corporate-backed, lobbyist-pushed effort that would rob our parishes of millions of dollars that we need for police, fire, health care, roads and education by giving wealthy corporations the right to negotiate their taxes.

If you think this smells worse than a mud flat at low tide, you are right.

Similar efforts have been defeated at the State Capitol in the past due to public outcry. But this year with the public shut out of hearings, politicians and corporate lobbyists got this amendment on the ballot even though it would wreak more havoc on local parishes than the pandemic. Not to mention more corrupt backroom deals — after all, who negotiates to pay more in taxes? And if wealthy corporations are paying less, you better believe we’ll be the ones asked to foot the bill.

A no vote on Amendment 5 will protect the budgets of our local fire and police departments and our public schools.

Voting no will also protect our local priorities and prevent a tax hike that most of us cannot afford.

Our local parishes are facing budget nightmares at worst and uncertainty at best due to the coronavirus. Let’s stand up for our local economy because the folks in Baton Rouge sure aren’t.


president, Louisiana Association of Educators

Baton Rouge