Sam Karlin's Aug. 23 article addressing low vaccination rates in rural Louisiana perfectly illustrates that this newspaper is obviously more interested in regurgitating liberal talking points, promoting racist stereotypes, and demonizing conservatives than worrying about little details like facts.

One can only conclude after reading this masterpiece of investigative journalism that the people of Grant Parish are not rushing out to get their vaccine because we are poor, White, uneducated conservatives who spend all our time at church and high school football games.

Perhaps the most dishonest and repulsive sensationalism in the article is the writer's allusion to what he refers to as the "Colfax Riot." I have no idea what connection can be made between current vaccination rates in Grant Parish and something that happened in 1873, but it appears that Mr. Karlin is attempting to make the case that since we are poor, White, uneducated and conservative then we are also racist. This is yellow journalism at its finest.

To claim that Colfax is best known for something that happened 148 years ago is simply a lie and a clear example of reporting that is lazy, disingenuous, and agenda-driven.

Perhaps this newspaper should stick to its daily attacks on Jeff Landry and Clay Higgins instead of exporting their inept and slanted attempt at journalism to parishes above Interstate 10.


state representative