The Advocate’s opinion last Friday praising the “Muslim Journeys’ program as a reminder of the immense debt owed to Islamic civilization by the West” was so wrong on so many levels.

Your readers deserve a full explanation of what this program involves. It’s being “awarded” by the National Endowment for the Humanities to libraries across the United States. You congratulated ULL for getting it, but it’s even closer to us than that.

Our own public library made a surprise, first-time announcement of this at their board meeting in January, but they haven’t allowed further public opinions on this most brazen of acts. At that time, and a month later, they admitted that they hadn’t even reviewed any of the program’s some 26 books and four videos on Islam, including required lectures.

Why, in the first place, is our public, taxpayer-funded library pushing religion, in this country where the noninfluence of religion is a founding principle? Secondly, to concentrate on one religion in particular just adds to the wrongness of it. Our country was attacked on Sept. 11, 2001, in the name of Islam. We lost 3,000 people that dark day. This shocked the whole country, and most Americans vowed to “Never Forget.”

Both before and after 9/11, there were many other deadly attacks on the United States and other non-Muslim countries by Islamic adherents. The United States is a major, but not the only, target of their continuing violence. The tenets of Islam include world domination; this is written in their holy Quran, and is spoken of openly by their clerics.

Why then should our library present unreviewed documentation on this one religion? Does “Muslim Journeys” describe the Islamic concept of jihad, in which war can be sanctified if it is the name of Islam? Does it explain why the Taliban, al-Qaida, the Muslim Brotherhood and other dangerous groups are accepted, even welcomed, as fellow Muslims by some? Does it describe in detail the extremely strict and punitive Sharia law, included in which beheading is a common penalty, hands and feet can be cut off for minor offenses, stoning to death is an accepted sentence for adultery and the overall ill-treatment of women is pervasive throughout the culture?

In the last decade, our nation has dedicated much money and precious men and women in the fight against this always-dangerous, always-present threat. We citizens at home, for our part, should oppose acceptance of these unreviewed religious materials. Being “politically incorrect” now trumps being sorry later.

Never forget, America.



Baton Rouge