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Letters: Dan Fagan's idea to teach the Bible in public school leaves lots of questions

Dan Fagan's recommendation that public schools teach the Bible as literature bears considerable merit. The fact that Biblical stories inform a great deal of Western literature cannot be denied. Stylistically, the Bible is a tour de force and content-wise, its demonstrable falsehoods are limited to only a small percentage of its overall length, on a par with scientific tomes of similar age.

Of course, the leftists will try to convince everyone that in order to truly separate church and state, our public schools will have to offer classes that teach the Quran, the Upanishads, the Torah, the Gita and a host of other religious texts. Then, if all that should come to happen, our future generations will come to see that every Holy Text in world history has its authors' brethren as the chosen people of their particular God (or Gods). Among other activities, they could compare and contrast the virgin birth myths of each people. Then they could see with their own eyes that in terms of uniqueness, the Bible is very similar to other Holy Books and that its literary value outweighs its haphazard and specious moral authority.

Letters: Maybe Dan Fagan should read Hemingway and Thoreau

As more proof that our nation does not promote Christianity as its official religion, we need look no farther than our neighbors in Central America. Honest historians agree that the United States bears responsibility for quashing nascent democracies in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and El Salvador. Now, all these people, whose governmental institutions lie in tatters, flee from the criminal enterprises that pollute their societies. We deny them refuge, separate children from parents, and put them all in cages. We refuse to aid the development of independent governments in their homelands, with the sole purpose of making available to us their cheap labor and resources. No one with a straight face can accuse the United States of enacting Christian policies, nor of bearing the soul of a true Christian.

Dan Fagan: Why not teach the Bible in Denham Springs High literature class?

John Kennedy

property manager