A lot of people, and I’m one of them, are at that stage in life where Medicare begins to be much more important. What will the program offer, and how will it work in a year or two?

Based on U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy’s voting record, his vision would have someone hand me a voucher and then send me out to search for private insurance. And there wouldn’t be any guaranteed benefits with those vouchers, either.

A lot of us in Louisiana who depend on Medicare will be hurt if Cassidy’s idea of a budget becomes a reality, especially those with health problems and those with the fewest resources.

Who else is going to take a big hit if one of these radical budgets becomes reality? Louisiana children, the ones who depend on Pell grants to get a college or vo-tech education, will take that one. As tuition in our state goes up — a big thank you to the Jindal administration — the budgets Cassidy votes for would cut the funding for Pell grants. A lot of our children wouldn’t be able to get the education they deserve.

The Cassidy-supported budgets do nothing but increase the burden on those of us in the middle class, while calling for tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans. No matter how hard I work, I’ll never keep up if Cassidy has his way. And I’m not alone — Louisiana isn’t a wealthy state. Cassidy doesn’t support the interests or needs of most Louisiana residents now, and he wouldn’t if he became a senator.

Linda Kocher


New Orleans