I have never cared for or liked Donald Trump and would never vote for him. But at this time, I’m enjoying his entry into politics. The only people I dislike more are ALL of the other candidates.

As a registered Republican, I no longer feel I am being represented, and have felt that way since the collapse of the 2013 Congress. That group of public servants decided to show they could shut down the government; they did. They did so to the cost of billions of lost taxpayer dollars, layoffs and disruption of thousands of lives and families.

Republicans cater to the extreme and fringe elements, special interest groups, big money and lobbyists. Voters represent a bell-shaped graph with far more in the middle of the graph than those on the edge of that bell-shaped graph. They fail to realize that the vast majority of citizens are not on the fringe and don’t care for special interest groups, big money and the intolerance they use with others. The bottom of their report cards should read, “Doesn’t play well with others.”

Life and law are based on the prudent man concept; attorneys have made it complicated, and most congressional members are attorneys. I believe in education, financial responsibility, strong military, diplomacy and human rights. I particularly believe in women’s rights, including equal pay and opportunity, as well as their right to make their own choices about their body; the same rights as men.

Political correctness is always political and often incorrect or disingenuous.

Bill Hatchett

home inspector