The Louisiana State Department of Education made the correct choice to require Common Core State Standards for public schools’ curriculum.

They made the correct choice because evaluating the teachers will let the schools know if a teacher is doing his or her job correctly, and the new standards for math will help high school students do better when or if they go to college; Common Core also will help more students with disabilities get the help that they need. There are some teachers in the public schools who do not like teaching.

With the teachers getting evaluated, it will be easier for the school administration to know if the teachers are teaching the students correctly.

Some teachers do not really teach their students because they don’t feel like it or because they just don’t like to teach.

For example, I had a teacher in my senior year of high school who told the class on the first day of school, “I am lazy, so I won’t be teaching you that much.”When that teacher’s evaluation came up, she failed it. She blamed the class for her failing.

I do not know what happened to that teacher after I graduated, but I did think that it was good that the school administration is now evaluating the teachers on Common Core standards.

The new math standards will be helpful to prepare high school students for college or to go straight into the workforce. The new math standards are easy to follow for those who understand math. Also, the new math standards help those who are having some trouble understanding math as it is taught.

The standards may be harder to learn, but the standards do help students for future math classes after high school.

The new Common Core State Standards should also help the public school students who have disabilities. Some students with disabilities right now do get help, but others don’t get as much help as needed.

The Common Core State Standards do have more options open to the students with disabilities to get help.

The Louisiana State Department of Education made the correct choice to adopt Common Core because the students with disabilities will get more help, the new math standards prepare students for college or just going straight into the workforce, and the teacher evaluations will help find the teachers who aren’t teaching their students properly.

The Common Core State Standards can help a lot of public schools to be on the same curriculum with other public schools in the state and with other school in different states. Common Core is good for Louisiana.

Stephanie Powers


St. Francisville