A recent Advocate reported that developer Darryl Gissel had taken over as chief administrative officer in Baton Rouge. The first sentence mentioned that Gissel has his marching orders: hire a police chief, promote local minority and women-owned businesses and figure out how best to spend millions of dollars of federal infrastructure money. Baton Rouge Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome will rely upon him to tackle police reform, business equity and flood recovery.

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Darryl Gissel, left, speaks after being announced as Chief Administrative Officer by Mayor Sharon Weston Broome, right, during a press conference Thursday in City Hall. Gissel, a local businessman, ran against Broome in the primary, but became a member of her transition team after Broome's election. Gissel will replace interim CAO James Llorens, center.

I have followed Broome since the beginning of her public career, have admired her, respected her and thought she would make a wonderful mayor. I voted for her. With all the jobs, work, etc., she has passed on to her CAO, I wonder now if I should have voted for him since he's going to be doing what I thought was a big part of the mayor's duties. If the mayor's job is to meet with people, public speaking at churches, being spokesperson for the city, she is doing a commendable job and represents Baton Rouge well.

Lanny Keller: Mayor Broome’s administration finally taking shape; now about that 'to do' list ...

Sandra Eccles

retired state employee

Baton Rouge