Assault rifles were advertised by a gun dealer on Dec. 6 in The Advocate and also extra magazines for bullets at a cost of one dollar. ARs are designed to kill people but also are used in the recreational sport of target practice.

Good people are being increasingly killed in larger and larger numbers because ARs are readily available to people-killers. The gun lobby solution to the people-killer problem is putting more ARs in the hands of the good people to protect themselves and loved ones from the people-killers. Locked away in expensive gun safes, all the good people with gazillions of ARs and ammunition feel protected.

However, they do not have the wherewithal to ever be at the right place at the right time armed with their ARs to shoot and kill the people-killers. The people-killers do not have that problem; there are always plenty of good people around and close by to shoot and kill. They kill.

After yet another one of these people-killing events, the good people go out and spend gazillion more dollars buying ARs and ammo to better protect themselves from the people-killers. From this cycle of madness, the gun dealers make money and the people-killers have more ARs available. Without ARs in the hands of people-killers, our police and law enforcement’s role protecting the good people would be simplified; they typically would welcome a ban on such firearms. The cycle goes on and on and on.

You get my drift here? The gun lobby argument is the ARs don’t kill, people kill! They put forth the problem is mentally deranged individuals. They say it’s those with the disease, they are the ones doing the killing of the good people. But the gun lobby got a bill passed through the U.S. Congress and it is a law in our great country that no federal dollars may be used by the Center of Disease Control to do a study and find whether these people-killers have this or any disease.

Does this gun lobby reasoning make any sense to you? Surely hellfire awaits the perpetrators of this devilish money-making scheme. But wait. Now is the season of joy, forgiveness and giving. Go out and buy yourself and loved ones assault rifles.

Louis J. Thibodeaux

chemical engineer

Baton Rouge