We have observed Mother’s Day, and plans are being made for the observance of Father’s Day and later Grandparents’ Day. Let us remember that Children’s Day falls between those days of celebration. If there were no children, these days of celebration would not be possible.

Mayor Lori A. Bell and staff of the town of Clinton have displayed banners stating, “Happy Children’s Day — Second Sunday in June.”

I am asking every adult to please give a child $1.00 for Children’s Day and tell them that you love them. The children are so precious; we do not know when we do something for them, it may be the last time. Let us make every moment count. If we could just focus on the children briefly, maybe this will bring a moment of togetherness to the nation and even to the world.

We talk about the children being out the box, lost generation, etc. Maybe adults are part of the reason children fall into these categories. Adults may be able to help children back in the box by giving Children’s Day Parades and allowing all children with special needs be the grand marshals. Set good examples, being there for them, showing compassion, giving encouraging words, helping to build self-esteem, making them feel important, praising them, telling them that you love them, and by all means having tough love.

At the present time, I have received letters from President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama thanking me for my comments to them and for the activities that I am contributing to society. I hope the news media recognize the children and everyone gets involved, not only on Children’s Day, but every day.

I am reminded of an article I read in Ann Landers years ago which stated, “The teacher was asked, why did she retire? She replied, the principal was afraid of the superintendent, the superintendent was afraid of the board, the board was afraid of the parents, the parents were afraid of the children and the children were not afraid of anyone.” Please note, that is not the reason I retired; I retired to care for my mother. Please help celebrate this extraordinary event if you are not afraid of the children.

Thanks in advance to all who participate in this celebration. Happy Children’s Day to all children, and may God continue to bless you.

Earnestine D. Gordon

retired educator