I have been playing at LSU for the past 10 years with the senior golfers on Tuesdays and Thursdays — about 100 rounds a year — and our pro, Mike Johnson, and his limited staff have done a terrific job through the years. My major concern is the possible shutdown of part or all of the course.

This would be a terrible loss to all seniors, women, students and faculty who play here on weekly basis. Where would we go? Briarwood and Oaks at Sherwood are now gone, and BREC cannot accommodate us. There is a lot of play at LSU, and the course does make money.

Throughout the long history of the course, there have been many changes. The old front nine across Nicholson Drive was moved, and five holes were moved to accommodate the new baseball stadium. To make room for additional parking for game-day football, the course is shut down. The golfers understand these changes and have gone along accordingly, but to shut down the course permanently, I feel, is the wrong move.

The idea of seeing the 16th, 17th and 18th holes being taken over because they are so close to the football stadium would be wrong because they are “the heart and soul” of the course. Please note that golf courses are very beneficial to the environment. These holes have over 80 trees, some over 50 years old, and to cut them down for further development also would be wrong.

I am writing my viewpoint from a senior golfer perspective, and it is shared by many of my fellow players. If BREC can save City Park Course, why can’t LSU save our wonderful course that brings so much joy to all of us?

Save LSU Golf Course!


retired transportation worker

Baton Rouge