We are most disappointed that The Advocate would print such an inflammatory and inaccurate article about maternal care in New Orleans and our OB/GYN Residency Program. It wasn’t even based on your own work.

LSU Health OB/GYN faculty have been leading prevention and intervention initiatives in the city and state to improve pregnancy outcomes and the health of patients for years. Despite what you were provided, little information about these initiatives was included in your front page article.

Your story also erroneously linked our residency program with poor pregnancy outcomes. Our program has been fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) for more than a decade. The issues we were asked to address previously had nothing whatsoever to do with patient care or supervision, although implications about both were repeated in your story.

The sensational conclusions Advocate staff parroted are based upon a media review of unpublished raw data, not a scientific analysis subject to critical peer review, evaluation and verification by knowledgeable experts. Absent this rigorous and transparent process, which is standard practice in the scientific community, the conclusions drawn from it are questionable at best.

We were given neither the time nor space to adequately respond to the story. Just before your paper went to press, you asked us to rebut one specific allegation or finding in the original story. There were far too many errors of fact and omission to correct under those circumstances.

So just what did your rush to judgment and print accomplish? There may be very real human costs. If high-risk pregnant women are scared to death to come to the one place that will take care of them, they may just be scared to death.

As with the original, your story violated the code of journalistic ethics — truth, accuracy, independence, fairness — and it has done an incalculable disservice to your readers and the people of Louisiana.

Larry Hollier, MD

chancellor, LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans

New Orleans