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Foreground, from left, Georgena Desrosier, Miriam Barras and Lurline Gebhart, all from Baton Rouge, sing with hundreds of others gathered at Galvez Plaza Saturday, Jan. 26, 2019 for a program held after the Louisiana Life March South, which began near the State Capitol gardens and finished with a program at the plaza just off North Boulevard. The event was held 46 years after the landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade that established a woman's legal right to an abortion. The march was sponsored by Louisiana Right to Life, Louisiana Baptist Convention, Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops, United Pentecostal Church of Louisiana, Louisiana Family Forum, the Knights of Columbus, Baton Rouge Right to Life, Caring to Love Ministries, and Louisiana’s Concerned Women for America.

Who are these people who are making the laws in our country, the United States of America?

In SOTU address, Trump calls for end of resistance politics

They are either criminally insane (not responsible for their actions due to a psychiatric disease), or hypocrites (persons who put on false appearances of having virtues, morals, and religious beliefs, principles, etc. but which they do not actually possess, and their actions belie their stated beliefs), or evil (profoundly immoral and wicked) — or all of the above.

Little by little, our elected officials try to remove God from our everyday life. We have a moral obligation to vote with an informed conscience.

We cannot sit back and do nothing. Reflecting on the events that took place in New York and Virginia, we must speak up and be the voices for the unborn, the newborns, and for all those that cannot be heard.

To do nothing, we would be no better than the NFL referees with the no-call. This situation is so much more severe.

Jacquelyn K. Vairin 

retired OB/Gyn nurse