Just give me your money, shut up, and go away!

I have never been so insulted by a letter in your newspaper.

First, by the standards of Takema Robinson, executive director of the Greater New Orleans Funders Network, I must admit that I am racist because I am White and gave to charities that are non-minority run.

Second, the source of my giving to charity is racist and has White supremacist motives, and actually comes because I "extracted" the funds from the Brown and Black community.

Third, I must give to a minority charity and not have any "strings" of oversight.

Fourth, the charity should have redistribution of wealth as a goal. Bull pucky!

My ancestors came here with nothing but a work mentality and guts. During the building of New Orleans, they were used to dig canals in the mid-1800s and died from yellow fever because Germans and Irish lives didn't matter.

In the 20th century, they faced signs that said "No Irish" need apply.

My father put five children through college working regular 60-hour weeks. We all took jobs while in school to pay expenses. Does this sound like we took anything from anyone? We earned our way.

Robinson gives only one perspective of charity, and that through a lens of racism. It does exist, but not all actions need be judged by that criterion. We often hear of the “big tent” approach. Don't exclude anyone as we all benefit when we pull together and charity is used in a truly efficient manner to help the needy.

Charity fills a need, not a social program. Be inclusive and we can solve any problem. It is especially troubling that she characterizes much of charitable giving as tainted, but it's OK if we give it to her organization.

Robinson is also the recipient of funding from George Soros. Her ideals are clearly more about the socialist goals of redistribution of wealth than the actual needs aided by charitable giving.


retired, marketing


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