Stand up and speak out if you are tired of everything being cast as racist, even if proven not to be racism.

The killer in Atlanta acknowledged his motivation was his sex addition, which he blamed on the many brothels that masquerade as spas. Yet Steven Roberts in his opinion piece in this newspaper still associates the incident to racism.

People should stand up and speak out if they are tired of the U.S. being the punching bag for far-left zealots. Their goal is to drastically change America; they do not deny this absurdity. They would see us become another liberal Europe, floundering under their socialist programs and unable to even protect themselves against the tyrants of the world.

Constantly ranting about everything being racist may have the opposite effect of its intention. You may love a filet mignon, but if you are fed one day in day out at every meal you may come to dislike it, even hate it.

Do you want to know how to stop racism? Morgan Freeman said it best, “Stop talking about it.”


retired dentist