While I applaud the efforts deeming cigarette butts as littering, this is a duplication. Years ago, similar legislation was passed. The real issue here is the fact laws are passed with grandstanding but are really worthless due to inadequate enforcement.

Case in point: In speaking with a member of a coastal Louisiana governing authority recently, I questioned the countless canals and weirs improperly maintained by those permitted to install them. Again, it was stated the real problem begins with inadequate enforcement. Once canals and weirs are installed, there is no enforcement or monitoring to ensure their stabilization. While Big Oil is blamed for erosion issues, the blame should be directed at our state for not doing its part and allowing this to occur by its own neglect.

We can build a concrete city “water campus” to perform countless studies, but if the real problem at hand is not addressed, this too shall become a farce.

Laws should not be passed or permits issued if there is no means to ensure they are enforced or monitored. Seems logical, doesn’t it? As it stands now, it all appears as doing something while really doing nothing.

Janet Rhodus

community organizer

Baton Rouge