It is incomprehensible that our country's laws are based on the right to life as stated in our Declaration of Independence, yet it is a legal right to take the life of Americans in their first stage of life. When you have the right to kill one group of people, no one is safe. And as we can see, this exception to the right to life has led to de-valuing human life and widespread killings and abuse of people in our country.

We know that the stork doesn't bring us babies. We know that babies are the result of a free-will choice to engage in intercourse during the four to five days a month that a woman is fertile. A couple is free to make that reproductive choice, to engage in the act designed to create new life, which is a part of our human nature. The time to make a reproductive choice is before engaging in the act designed to create new life, not after a new life has been created.


retired program analyst