On Sunday morning, a clearly intoxicated Jared Brossett made the personally irresponsible decision to drive while drunk. This decision led to the now widely publicized collision caused by his apparently traveling at a high-enough speed to jump a large vehicle across the Elysian Fields neutral ground. There he struck another vehicle head-on, injuring an innocent person. Following this crash, he refused a field sobriety test by the NOPD.

All of these could be considered personal failures separate and apart from his chosen career as a politician — although I would hope we would hold our elected leaders to a higher standard. However, he made this series of decisions while behind the wheel of his city-issued SUV. That’s where this incident crosses from “personal indiscretion” to unforgivable breach of public trust.

This councilmember’s series of poor decisions has placed financial responsibility for his actions on the people of New Orleans, and that is why his resignation is not only appropriate but required to maintain the integrity of the New Orleans City Council. Additionally, Brossett is the chair of the council’s budget committee, the committee responsible for ensuring the council and all of city government make fiscally responsible decisions. There is no way he can perform this duty while simultaneously choosing to drunkenly destroy city assets and endanger public safety.

New Orleans deserves better from its leadership. New Orleans deserves public officials who act lawfully, who do not compromise their integrity through serious personal failings, who do not threaten the ability of an entire branch of local government to do its job and who take personal and professional responsibility for their actions.

As a result, Brossett must resign immediately and allow his fellow councilmembers to appoint a replacement who will serve District D with integrity and respect for holding a position of public trust.


former city department head

New Orleans