Border Wall (copy)

Senators Bill Cassidy and John Neely Kennedy support funding the Mexico border wall.

After reading Jim Anderson’s recent letter, I felt compelled to respond to knowledge that is obviously lacking in regards to that letter. Unfortunately, Anderson has fallen for the narrative being presented by the mainstream media that conveniently provides partial information.

It always seems to leave out the most important facts. Being a retired educator, Anderson should be aware of the facts not being presented by the mainstream media. Yes, the Republicans had control of all three branches of government for the past two years, and they weren’t able to get funding for a border barrier to protect our southern border. What the mainstream media conveniently forgets to mention and Anderson has apparently forgotten is this:

In order for this bill to pass out of the Senate, it requires 60 votes. Since during the past two years, there were only 51 Republicans in the Senate, nine additional votes were needed from Democrats for this resolution to pass. Say one thing about the Democrats: They stick together as one strong voting block regardless of whether it is detrimental to the country. Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer made sure every Democrat knew that if they voted for border security, he would cut them off at the knees.

No pet project funding would be approved, and no campaign funds provided, making them vulnerable for reelection. Then at the midterms, the Democrats gained control of the House. For Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, it is all about power and nothing else. They would rather see America lose rather than give President Donald Trump any kind of campaign pledge victory. That is just plain fact.

Letters: Short-term memory loss on border wall

This is all about politics, not security. Pay close attention to what is happening in Washington right now. Even after the partial shutdown, Pelosi has been stating that any bill put forth will not provide any funds for border barriers. If she maintains this stance, then Pelosi and the Democrats own whatever happens next. The Democrats are moving so far to the extreme left that I truly can’t understand how any American with common sense can continue to belong to a party that is hell-bent on doing away with capitalism and going to socialism. Follow what is happening in Venezuela right now. That is the future of our country if we don’t put a stop to the crazy extremists on the left.

Jesse Pitre

retired industrial sales