During the last eight months, I have lived in Connecticut. Soon I will be returning to live in my home state of Louisiana. Recently Connecticut passed a law regarding the use of plastic bags.

“Effective August 1, 2019 (cite: Public Act 19-117, § 355), retailers making sales in Connecticut of tangible personal property to the public are required to collect a $0.10 fee per single-use plastic checkout bag. The store must indicate the number of single-use plastic checkout bags provided, and the total amount of the fee charged on any transaction receipt provided to a customer."

Their goal is to ultimately eliminate the use of disposable plastic bags. As someone concerned about the environment, I support such progressive measures.

As we all know, usually it is when the pocketbook is hit that people change their habits. Personally, I think we, currently living on this planet, have a responsibility to leave home on the earth in good environmental condition for future generations. I petition the current Louisiana governmental officials to consider the adoption of a similar law concerning the use of plastic bags. Perhaps this measure can be placed on the agenda for our senators and representatives to consider and act upon.

Let Louisiana join the ranks of progressive states enacting environmental laws safeguarding the health of our planet.

Carol Pooley

Retired social worker