Christian singer-songwriter Lauren Daigle of Lafayette

Will Sutton’s assault on Lauren Daigle’s humanity published in Tuesday's newspaper is nothing short of abusive, emotionally and verbally. He attacks her personally, her faith, her motives, and even tells her to recite her own verses as penance for her alleged sin.

What could cause a man to spew such vitriol? Or induce an editorial staff to publish it?

I presume Sutton and this newspaper believe this young lady “had it comin’” for daring to show up unannounced at a public park to sing praises to Jesus. But if that’s the case, why the silence on the hundreds of Biden supporters who paraded through New Orleans that very same weekend singing, dancing, shouting and playing instruments? Or the refusal to denounce the BLM protests just a few months ago?

Clearly, Sutton and this newspaper picked on Lauren Daigle because she dared to publicly worship Jesus, and not the liberal cause du jour.

In full disclosure, I was one of the hundreds gathered to worship that Saturday. If the mayor wants to issue a citation to someone, she can give it to me. I was blessed to be there among fellow believers worshipping the Lord, praying for unity and revival for our state and nation.

Christians have worshipped the Lord faithfully and publicly for over 2,000 years through pandemics and persecution. It’s what God has called us to do, and we don’t plan to quit now.


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Baton Rouge

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