Letter: Singing the praises of B.B. King’s music _lowres

B.B. King. Photo by KEVIN WESTENBERG. Geffen.

As a jazz and blues guitar player living in New Orleans, I was very much inspired by B.B. King’s music. I remember when I was a kid, my dad took me to see B.B. King at the Mahalia Jackson Theater. B.B. King has been an inspiration to a lot of famous musicians like Eric Clapton, Walter “Wolfman” Washington, Jerikus Singleton, etc. B.B. King’s way of playing set way to, not only many blues musicians, but also rock and other genres. B.B. King turned what people like Robert Johnson, Soul House and Blind Willie Johnson did into a more modern, but still soulful, version of blues that changed the way that we look at music.

He turned the blues that happened in the rural parts of the South with big metal guitars into something with an electric guitar and a whole ensemble of a whole rhythm section. What B.B. King did for music exceeds excellence, and we will all miss him.

Jacob Kohlman


New Orleans