Seeing the story in last Saturday's newspaper regarding Drew Brees and his “Last Supper” saddened, shocked and angered me on several levels.

Knowing him only through his position on the Saints, it seems unlikely that he could have sought such a story. Nor can I think the Saints owner could have asked for this story. Finally, I find it hard that an editor could have accepted and printed such a story (was it labeled as personal commentary?)

As a long-standing, devout Christian, it saddens me to see how lightly our Lord and Savior could have been used this way. Christians are fair game these days; it seems they are the only ones we can demean, mock, criticize without repercussions from society in general.

This was a definite slap in the face to my Lord Jesus. I would demand an apology on behalf of all Christians, but it is my duty here only to cry out against such stories.

As a long-standing reader of the Times-Picayune and the widow of a former sportswriter who proudly carried the mantle of this newspaper for 20-plus years, I grieve to think what my husband would say about this. He believed in and totally served the mission of journalism to impart the news. He loved working nightside there, often saying he was the luckiest of writers — he got paid to play. Sports was his life.

I support journalism; it is a necessary tool on so many levels. But I totally disagree with the editor who chose to print this story. Some individual wrote it, but that editor had the final say as to printing it in the paper.


retired educator