Walt Handelsman: U-Kraine

Letters: Maybe GOP's priorities lie elsewhere

U.S. Sen. John Kennedy’s proposed ban on immediate family members of the president, vice president, cabinet members, and members of the House and Senate from working as consultants, employees, independent contractors, or board members for any entity doing business in or with Ukraine has merit.

The American people deserve elected representatives who are focused on the best interests of our country rather than their own self-interests or the interests of their relatives. For that reason, I think that Kennedy’s proposal should extend to business dealings with all foreign governments.

Letters: Even a narcissist would be tried by Trump's ordeals

For example, the grants of patents and trademarks to Ivanka Trump’s companies by the government of China (at a time when the United States is engaged in a trade war with that country) raises troubling questions. Like Kennedy, I’m not alleging that anybody did anything wrong, but China has a well-documented history of shady business practices.

If a prohibition on doing business with a foreign government would discourage some potential candidates from running for office, perhaps it would filter out those who prioritize profit for themselves and their families above public service.

Sara Smith