The majority of the Washington Democrats have hijacked the Democratic Party. Apparently, this has been done with the full blessing of the National Democratic Party leadership. The Democratic Party as we have known it for years is on the verge of extinction. It is up to the various state leaders of the Democratic Party across the country to step up and denounce what has happened in Washington and take their party back.

The vast majority of the Washington Democrats have come out of the closet and have shown their true colors of being Socialists and not Democrats. The various state Democratic Leaders need to confront the DNC and Washington Democrats and advise them to either publicly denounce socialism or give up membership in the Democratic Party and officially form their Socialist Party. Where does Stephen Handwerk, the Louisiana Democratic Party’s executive director and his leadership committee stand?

After flood insurance gridlock, Louisianans see hope in coming leadership change in Congress

If you represent all of the hard-working Louisiana citizens who happen to be members of the Democratic Party, this should be an easy decision to make. If instead, you agree with what is happening in Washington with the Democratic leaders of your party, then you owe it to the people of Louisiana to come out of the closet as well and profess your allegiance to the Socialist Party and step aside. Do you truly represent the everyday hardworking people of Louisiana or do you side with the left-wing radical socialist agenda being pushed by the west and east coasts of our country? Since Louisiana’s only national representative to Congress has chosen to remain silent, one can only assume that U.S. Rep. Cedric Richmond condones what is going on in Washington as well. In that case, he needs to publicly denounce socialism or resign from the Democrat Party as well. Handwerk should know that the Democrats in Louisiana need someone to stand up for their party and fight off socialism by calling it out. Is he part of the solution or part of the problem facing our country? Will he step up to the plate and try to save his party and country from socialism or will he stay silent like so many other Democrats seeking to quench their thirst for power regardless of the consequences? The hardworking people of the Democratic Party in this state deserve to know where its leadership stands.

Jesse Pitre

retired industrial sales