In its recent editorial concerning the so-called $1 trillion dollar plus “infrastructure” bill, “When it comes to rebuilding U.S., Bill Cassidy takes Louisiana’s corner,” this newspaper poses the following question: “What happens when a bill gets so wound up in national politics that a majority of your delegation in Congress votes against a measure good for your state?”

The inference is that voting against a bill that might have some money for your state but which perhaps on balance is not good for your country is irresponsible. Recall that the entire Republican delegation to Congress except for Cassidy voted against the bill. Note the bill now passed into law contains an excessive amount of money on items that cannot reasonably be considered infrastructure and according to the Congressional Budget Office will increase the federal budget deficit by at least $256 billion over the next 10 years.

Note the GOP delegation was behind a more traditional alternative and much less costly infrastructure bill called The Surface Transportation Advanced through Reform, Technology, & Efficient Review Act, which at least in this writer’s opinion would have shown more concern for hard-working American taxpayers’ money and which by the way could have been good for our country and for Louisiana.

As wasteful as the new profligate “infrastructure” plan is, it pales in comparison to the harm to our country that will be caused by the so-called “Build Back Better” multiple trillion-dollar plan that the power-hungry Democrats very soon will try to push through Congress.


retired lawyer