Jeff Wittenbrink (letters, June 9) applauds the defeat of the anti-bullying law because he feels our children should not be exposed to anything homosexual.

He says, “There is a time coming soon when those who believe homosexuality to be immoral will not be allowed to exercise their rights to freedom of religion and freedom of speech to speak that opinion.”

If Wittenbrink thinks children are so innocent, why would they be using words such as faggot at all? Unless their parents teach these “innocents” to use these words. Why would children who are so innocent even know about homosexuality?

The sad thing is that often children will label some child as a “faggot” when he is not. Some boys just happen to be a bit “prettier” than average, or have interest in art rather than sports, but they are totally heterosexual. Being unjustly accused really hurts.

The Bible says to not bear false witness, i.e., telling lies. So when children yell “faggot” at another child, they might be slandering that child by lying. Unless someone stands up and declares himself to be gay, you have no idea whether he is or isn’t.

If your religion tells you that homosexuality is wrong, you might tell someone that you think he is living in sin ? once. After that it is just harassment. Constant derogatory name-calling does not “cure” the homosexual or advance religion one iota.

Sarah Stravinska

retired professor