I am writing in response to Paul Major’s letter about Quint Davis, the organizer of Bayou Country Superfest.

Major’s view was it should just fund itself. I disagree.

Superfest made money for Baton Rouge restaurants, hotels, malls and every other business in surrounding areas.

Well, first of all, it was one of the best, cleanest, safest festivals I have ever been to. There were more than 75,000 people each day. There were really no major incidents.

The police were present, but I think other than dealing with the heat, they had a reasonable crowd to deal with. I personally witnessed no bad incidents.

It was like an LSU football game, except we were all there for the same “team.”

Why not poll the businesses in and around Baton Rouge to see if they want Superfest back in Baton Rouge.

People flew into and drove into Baton Rouge to enjoy good music.

Our crime rate is high nationally. Wouldn’t you want people to come to Baton Rouge for a wonderful festival and bring revenue to our economy?

As far as his point about Quint Davis not doing it as a nonprofit or charitable event, how many business people do you know who work for free?

All of the good concerts are either in New Orleans or Lafayette. Keep Superfest in Baton Rouge.

Please, budget the $300,000 for Superfest to come back.

Anita Firmin

administrative assistant