I know that some players get hurt during their playing years. Our NBA team has a young player who has been hurt since the day they acquired him. Cut your losses and release him.

Same for our NFL team. Two years to heal a foot injury? Do you think Vince Lombardi would put up with this? Cut him loose and save some salary-cap money.

As for MLB, why a season from March to October: 162 games are entirely too long for a sport that was the American pastime. Every year MLB could cut four games from their schedules to eventually play only 120 games. They could play more three-game series in other cities besides their own.

Who wants to go to a MLB game during the week with your kids, especially when they have to get up early the next day to go to school?

This new schedule would also reduce the exorbitant salaries some players make: $17 million for a one-year contract to a pitcher that went 4-7 the previous year? Sounds like legal thievery to me.


retired state employee

Baton Rouge