That we have a politician who understands economics is very welcome. Gov. John Bel Edwards' proposal to tax companies on gross sales (income) can be the beginning of lifting Louisiana’s economic woes.

Perhaps we can extend this principle of taxation to everyone and simplify our tax laws. We could develop a flat tax rate and tax all gross incomes and eliminate all deductions and exceptions (even for the poor, lame and blind). Our legislators could set an annual budget for all government operations and then set a tax rate to cover the budget. A flat rate could be established each year for all wage earners. Double this tax rate for all incomes other than wages, which would include investment earnings and company/organization incomes. We should include taxing non-profit organizations including religious organizations. This would not be a violation of our constitution since each group would be subject to the same tax rate. It would be fair because companies and organizations use public infrastructure. Simplification of our taxation will go a long way in reducing political corruption, by making it less profitable for lobbyist to convince politicians to pass laws giving their companies special tax treatment. A plus will be fewer public employees required for a simpler tax plan. Taxing each citizen would boost national pride since each citizen would have confidence they are contributing their fair share to keep the government running. We would not need a sales tax, since sales are incomes for the seller. It would be nice to extend such a taxation plan to the federal government.

Charles Ray Totty


Baton Rouge