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President Barack Obama walks past debris piles while visiting the flood damaged areas on Tuesday August 23, 2016.

Our mainstream media has done its best to make the president look good and feel good before he leaves the office. The recent media polls show us that president Obama's job approval rating is 58 percent, higher than any president in recent history, and that 70 percent of the American people think the country is on the wrong track (under his leadership). To understand the wide inconsistency in the survey findings we know the problem is with the question: It would make more sense if the question was about President Obama's "likeable personality" instead of his job approval. In fact, there is very little to show for in his job, at home and abroad. Peace and security problems have never been this bad in the world. Some results from his poor leadership have caught up with him: Iran and Russia have challenged our sea power by provocative actions in the Persian Gulf, by China in the South China Sea, and by North Korea in the Far East. No question, the Cold War is coming back. Just recently, President Obama was so poorly received in the Beijing Airport and was called names by the Philippine President. This would never happen to former President Reagan because he always conducted himself as a strong U.S. leader on the world stage. Remember how well and respectfully received he was in Moscow by the Russian people and especially by the Moscow University students: He had the honor to address and inspire them to hope for a better future for the world.

Here at home, we know President Obama's signature achievement, Obamacare, is resulting in the danger of losing insurance. In fact, many insurers have already left due to losing too much money. As we know, the Obamacare exchange plan survived the constitutional challenge in the Supreme Court last time, but it failed the test in operation. Remember, the exchange plan was intended to draw many young and healthy people into Obamacare to balance the huge cost for covering the medical expense for the poor and the health problems of the people in the pool. It didn't work as planned because not enough young and healthy people signed on to make the difference. So the insurers have been operating under insufficient funds. They lost too much for their business. Some of them just abandoned Obamacare.

Now, the Democratic legislators in Congress see the problems are too big to ignore. They are talking about options for Obamacare. President Obama knows there is nothing he can do about the problem before he leaves office. So, he just left an evil gift to the next president to deal with and get the blame.

To stabilize the shaky situation of Obamacare would take a giant step by the Congress to raise the subsidy high enough to cover the medical expense for the poor and unhealthy people in the pool. This would mean a higher burden for the tax payers to pay this expensive new welfare program by President Obama. Without that, Obamacare will be in great danger.

Chris Hsu

retired state employee

Baton Rouge