The Louisiana state Department of Education did make the right choice in adopting the Common Core standards. The Common Core places each student in every state on a scheduled path, focuses on understanding rather than memorizing and will raise the standards of Louisiana education specifically. The Common Core will definitely benefit Louisiana in a great way.

When growing up with parents whose jobs require moving a lot, for example, a child has no say-so on where he or she may attend school. The old standards would mean that each school isn’t guaranteed to be on the “same page,” therefore putting a very mobile student at risk of falling behind. With the Common Core standards, a mobile student will not have to worry about falling behind due to every public school being on the same topics and lessons. This would positively affect all mobile students.

Having an understanding of information rather than memorizing information will be beneficial. Going through high school, I would memorize formulas rather than fully understanding the whole concept. As soon as the test was finished, I would soon forget the information. With Common Core, students will be taught to understand the concept rather than having to memorize formulas. Having an understanding for information means one will retain what one has learned. Understanding information helps students when having to take state tests. Common Core would positively affect all students’ testing scores, which prepares them for college.

In Louisiana, we aren’t the most educationally advanced state. Common Core would basically find a medium between the smartest states and the not-so-smart states. This would benefit the students by getting them more ready for college as well as the workforce. With raising the standards of Louisiana, this would ripple effect throughout the success of Louisiana due to our students being more educated as well.

The Louisiana state Department of Education made a great choice by converting to Common Core. Common Core assures mobile parents that their child will not fall behind, will benefit the retention rate and will raise the standards of Louisiana. All in all, converting to Common Core is a major plus for the state of Louisiana’s education.

William Zachary

Community Assistance

Baton Rouge